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      Hi, I am trying to make DVDs from Amateur Drama productins recorded on Camcorder MINI DV tape. I am using the Ulead Video Studio SE DVD package. I have captured a production OK using a USB adaptor for the camcorder. I have a full capture and an edited capture filed on my computer as VSP files. I can open them with the package and play them in the package OK. When I go to Create Vide File, I select “same as first video clip and it proceeds to render it to AV file. It has put AV file in my computer and I have attempted to try playing it with Windows Media Player and failed. I re rendered it with a different selection 4:3 PAL and attempted project playback. I get Title and sound but no video. I am at a loss on how to proceed?

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      I suspect that the VSP files are not compatable with Windows Media player. You need to save your videos as mpeg 4 files at the very least. Try playing the file with VLC media player or Quicktime. If it still won’t play you will have to save it to a compatable format. DVDs themselves use the MPEG 2 format for picture and MPEG 1 for the audio.

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      You just likely need a well rounded player. I use MPC, BSPlayer, and VLC. You may need to google a codec pack for one of them. But I can’t remember which one. I also think they all have a free version. They all have a subtitle track. So sometimes i sub a totally different story with the music and video playing.

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      If the DVDs need an mpg file, then rendering to one format then re-rendering involves quality loss and time – I’ve never come across VLP files – the only ones with that extension I know about are old text files for karaoke – I don’t suppose this is why there is no video? One clue would be file size – is it a huge file or a small one. vlp files are tiny. Are you sure you exported it as a video file and not accidentally produced a text file instead?

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