UHUB.IO Review Bounty – up to $9000 for a video

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      Hello everyone,
      I’m a CMO at UHUB.IO and I’m here to inform you about our ICO and ask you to participate in our Bounty program. I’m not trying to sell you anything, just spreading the word.

      UHUB is a decentralized e-commerce ecosystem, a sort of eBay on steroids and with cryptocurrencies. You can read more about our project in our ANN on BitcoinTalk:

      Or by visiting our website:

      We also offer rich bounties for everyone ($1.5m in total).

      YouTube video with 10k subscribers – 120k HUB (~$9000)
      A quality article about UHUB – 15k HUB (~$1100)
      UHUB memes and other artwork – 1000 HUB ($75)
      Each Bitcointalk comment in ANN – 50 HUB ($3.75)

      1 HUB = $0.075 (ICO price). When we hit the exchanges 1 HUB = $0.15.

      Learn more about our Bounty program by checking this post on BitcoinTalk.


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