Two or Three GoPro3 Units

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      Two or three GoPro 3 units and virtually ANY other decent HD camcorder in your war chest and you have what you need for a powerful video production environment. Seems like a producer could just about create any kind of video production s/he wants with these units, even spice up the life of relatively static, mundane, boring everyday events.

      I've rethunk my immediate future camera purchasing budget plans to 3 3's and a Canon Vixia series instead of two of anything else in the $3K and higher category.

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      The new Go pro Black looks fantastic. i have three canon vixias and do a lot of multi cam work with them, and most clients like my stuff, The new Go Pro black my well be my next cam but you will have to work with extra wide shots If you work with more that one. I am reallly happy with my vixia GH F 10, and my older vixias don't shoot as nice a set of footage but I have learned how to Improve the footage so it matches for the final edit

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      I know this is an older thread, but I was looking around Amazon today and noticed the GoPro Black only had a 3 star rating out of 451 reviews, and more than half were three stars or less!


      Read many of the reviews and it seems the current crop of GoPros have serious firmware issues. Before investing in this little guy, you may wish to read what others have experienced.


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      GoPro Black Edition just got a much needed update that fixed all the glitching and freezing issues. It even added some new features which are pretty sweet. I'd go for it if I had the $$$

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      I really looks fantastic but I've read a few negative reviews of it on amazon. But still I think it won't gonna stop me from trying it.

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