Two mic stereo inputs to my camera

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      I'm new to the world of making video and I’m planning to make interviews and I want to use two separate mics.

      I use the FDR-AXP33. It has one mic minijack input.

      I tried connecting tow mics using a splitter but each mic input was recorded to a single channel.

      I would like each mic input to be recorded as stereo.

      The current idea is to connect one mic to the minijack and another wireless mic to a USB input (there is one USB input marked as "multi"). However, I'm not sure if this would work. I mean will the camera recognize the wireless mic input as sound and record it along with the video?


      Is there another option?
      I’ve read about using a mixer. Would you please elaborate on this? And maybe a link to a good one?



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      Being a consumer camera, you're not going to be able to run two mics and get two separate channels. Even Sony's dual channel mic accessory won't allow this.


      If you need two mics, you'll need an outboard recording device such as the Zoom H1N field recorder. Using such a device does mean sychronization of the recorded sound in post production.  Check your owner's manual.

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      If you have two people and need two microphones, then you need two MONO microphones. Stereo mics are great for recording soundscapes with lots of stereo sources, but one mouth to two mic channels is pointless and prone to so many problems with imaging, nobody ever does it! 


      As soon as you outgrow the basic audio facilities on a camera, stop using them and do what Ed says – get a separate recorder with proper mic inputs on professional connectors and do it professionally. 3.5mm mic connectors with a pile of adaptors are always a risk. The USB socket is an output isn't it? I've never heard of any camera being able to use them as inputs? Even if it was possible, and there was a hidden menu, then it would also cut off the normal inputs.

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