Two hot shoe accessories into one camcorder???

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      I have a Canon Vixia HF S100 with a hot shoe on top. Currently I have their shotgun microphone plugged into it. However, I want to get a remote control for the camcorder that allows me to adjust the focus (which Canon's wireless remote does not allow). A LANC controller would work, but since the S100 has no LANC port, I'd need to get Canon's hot shoe LANC adapter. No problem, except that now I would have to unplug my microphone to use it.

      Does any adapter or splitter exist that would allow me to use both the microphone and the LANC adapter? Is there any wireless remote that allows focus adjusting? I've been searching to no avail. I could of course, buy a new microphone and external recorder and then use the LANC adapter in the hot shoe, but I really don't want to buy new audio equipment when I have a mic already.

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      grprahl – I think you've just run into one of the huge downsides of the proprietary hot shoes that Canon (and Sony) use on their consumer camcorders. For future reference, Panasonic camcorders use a standard hot shoe.


      If you really need LANC control, I would sell your existing mic and get the LANC adapter plus an $8 C bracket to mount a new standard mic.


      Is your mic a DM-100? You should be able to sell it for a decent amount of money, allowing you to trade up to a Rode Videomic Pro to take its place.


      Good luck!



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      Thanks for the tip! It is the DM-100 that I have. I will look into the swap that you suggested.

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      You should have a microphone plug on your camera, you might have to add another shot gun mike so you can use both. 

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