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there room I edit video in has a 55 inch, standard 1080 TV. I am thinking of getting an HDMI wire and using it as a monitor when editing in premiere. Is this a good idea?

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It's o.k. if all you are using it for is to see your work while you are cutting. You really can't use it for color correction however. Commercial TVs have almost invariably been tweaked to make video programs look good. The colors are saturated, with high contrast and brightness.

My concern would be with working close to a monitor that size. For me it would be hard on the eyes and I would be concerned about radiation as well. A large monitor in the edit bay is great for sharing your work with clients but I would prefer a couple of 30" monitors for my editing needs.

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I agree with Jack Wolcott. You definitely want to get a couple of monitors. I actually use two 30" monitors and have a 55" on the wall for detail purposes and clients. If you are going to use it definitely get into the settings and change the display so the image looks, as close as possible, like the monitors. Like he said it isn't ideal for color correction but as long as you put a little distance between you and it, you should be fine. And definitely use your color scopes for correction.

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