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      I have been given a live show videod on a HDV camera. It is one 50 minute show but into 3 m2t files.


      I have tried to join them on the time-line however there are a few blank frames at the begininnig of the 2 joins so when it runs, I get this quick black so the audio is in sync.


      If I close the gap between the files, the audio gets out of sync a little.


      What can I do to join them in sync please?


      They have not been changed just straight out of the cam into flash drive which I copied onto my PC.


      Any help please



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      Why is it 3 files…?


      Did the camera have a default file size maximum and automatically stop/started at that maximum size ? If so the camera owner should be able to change that in the settings so it doesn't happen again and they can then record one uninterupted file.


      I'm an amateur here but if you don't have perfect continuity then I would fade out the audio and video at the end of one file and fade in the start of the next where you join them



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      Many thanks for your help.  Yes I'll try that.


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