True CBR from Compressor?

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      I use Compressor on a Mac to create video files using the CBR option.  When I look at the file with Bitrate Viewer (, the bit rate is about what I specified (5Mb/s) but is not flat — there are spikes and peaks that range up to +/- 1Mb/s throughout the recording.  The spikes persist when I combine the m2v and ac3 from compressor into an mpeg file.


      If I then run that file through Adobe Premiere and specify CBR the resulting mpeg looks flat in Bitrate Viewer.


      Is there something I'm doing wrong in Final Cut Pro or Compressor that is introducing the jitter?  The file I'm creating is sent to a Soloist Video Server wich requires CBR and accepts the Premiere output but not the Compressor output.


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