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      Hello guys,
      I have issue, I want to install newer versions of Adobe Softwares – CS6 but all my old projects are on CS 5.5 and I am afraid i could lose them if I install newer version Adobe. I was thinking about getting all the projects and files connected to them on HDD and maybe after installation of CS6, getting them back on the computer? thank you.

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      What computer are you using because it changes the approach you do

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      CS6 can read CS5 files. I use an external hard drive for both my source and edit files for security and portability.

      When I updated from CS4 to CS6 I did have problems that were eventually found to be caused by some old CS4 files (Adobe files) remaining on my Hard Drive after deleting that program. Once they were removed the problem/s disappeared.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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