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      Hi there,

      I recently purchased a Canon GL2 to use for casual filming with friends/skateboarding. I knew, since it records with MiniDV tapes, that I’d need some sort of adapter to transfer content onto my computer.

      i bought a MyGica Capit adapter ( thinking it’d allow me to get film onto my computer, but I was wrong.

      The camcorder has a firewire port and S-video port, neither of which my laptop has. I tried using the adapter by plugging it in via USB, plugging an s-video cord into the adapter’s port, then plugging in the other side of the cord into my camera. This didn’t work. The adapter doesn’t have a firewire port, so that wasn’t an option in the first place.

      I won’t be able to put a firewire component in my laptop, as I can’t open it up. I also heard that firewire-USB adapters are virtually useless. Buying a new laptop or camcorder isn’t an option, so I figured there has to be some way around this without spending too much money.

      Could there be a way to use the AV port in the camcorder to more efficiently transfer it to my laptop via USB, without having to worry about s-video or firewire?

      Thanks in advance,


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