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      I am purchasing a CANON XA30 and wondering what tripod any of you suggest! Thanks! ~Videogirl

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      It’s an expensive decent camera, so personally I would put it on a decent professional quality head and legs. I’m in the UK, so not sure what it’s like where you are, but you can often find proper heads and legs second hand on ebay in the up to $500 range that include real heads like the Vinten 5 range with similar Sachtler and the decent US brands.

      The cheap kit has the ability to keep the camera safely off the ground, and some can even keep them in the same place when you remove your hand if they are near horizontal. Proper heads can compensate for the changing centre of gravity and will keep the camera at any angle when you let go. They also make starting and stopping a pan or tilt seamless. They can also do a diagonal movement smoothly. Cheap brand new ones in the up to $500 category can nearly do this. Many of the so called ‘fluid heads’ are simply grease packed friction heads and use the viscosity of the grease to smooth he start and stop – but as you release your hand pressure from the pan bar, they often move back slightly as the pressure comes off. With HD, zoomed in – the quality can be very good, but zoomed in, every weak bit of the tripod and head shows up. Pro quality, second hand means even a ten year old one beats the new ones.

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      O’Connor is another good brand. Professionals who I respect say don’t bother with Manfrotto because they’re not as smooth as the others.
      But the bottom line is always go try out as many kinds as you can and ask around if anyone is selling theirs…

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