trim huge avchd file before loading into computer?

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Hello all, and Happy new year.

Here is what I have, I shot a wedding with 3 cams. The third was a static cam just to catch wedding party entering. ceremony was approx. 25 minutes. I forgot about the camera (very hectic wedding) and basically recorded approx. 2.5 hours worth of crap. I want to trim the huge file down to just the 10-15 minutes needed before loading card for editing. I basically have a folder with 3 1, cam 2 and cam 3. I am googling answers as well. I dont want to store hours worth of fottage for 10 minutes of usable footage to make a long story short.

Thanks, Harry

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Sorry to say , but you are going to have to go through all the footage to see what you want to use,

However I usually scan fast through my footage to find the stuff I want to use, then move back to the point I want to cut , then cut scan forward until I find the endpoint and cut there again, then I delete al the files up to the first cut, I repeat this process and to seprate out all of the parts of video I want to use, deleting the excess, then render the remaining footage in a file that I set up just forthis purpose. This is the fastest way to do a pre edit I have found.

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Just grab the clip from your card. Don't import the whole file and you should be fine. Most ACVHD clips are about 24 minutes in length. If you already imported the whole file open it up and see how many files you have and delete all but the first file.  Hope this helps