Travel Video Camera

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I am a photographer and I have the Canon EOS-1DX that I use. Technically, this Canon can take quality video, but it is also a very large/bulky piece of equipment. I love it, however, I want to start learning more and working on videography (especially for travel videos). I want to purchase a video camera (camcorder or DSLR) that I would use for my travel videos while also having my 1DX. I have done a decent amount of research and it is very difficult to decide. Here are some options that I have stumbled upon so far...

- Panasonic GH4
- Panasonic GH5
- Sony AS7II (might be too expensive w/ lenses)
- Sony AX53 (Camcorder)
- DJI Osmo

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.