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      So I just landed my dream freelance gig. Heading to China in a few weeks to film a documentary, well it's more of a corporate style video wrapped up in a doc, but that's okay. I've read through quite a few message boards and have searched this one as well, I'm just trying to understand how much gear I can get into the country and be okay.  I plan on bringing a camera (fs 100), batteries, media cards, 2 wireless lavs, tripod, 37" slider, and I'm still figuring out my light situation. I'll be solo production guy with a producer and traveling with a group of Chinese nationals, so translating/knowing the area should be a little easier too.  Does anyone have any insight or advice to share on a project like this?
      thank you!
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      Being in China can be complicated. I haven't been to China in the past few years, and never with video production gear. That said, based on my last visit to the country my sense is that dealing with the Chinese is a top-down venture. In other words, you should make all the arrangements before, not after you arrive and have paperwork from a high-ranking official to prove it. You should be able to get off the plane with your gear and have the way already paved for you by the producer you'll be working with. You definitely DO NOT want to find yourself in the position of trying to explain to a Chinese customs official that bringing all your gear into the country is o.k.


      From what I observed in the three weeks I was in-country the Chinese are very particular about what you can and can't see, and especially about what you can and can't photograph, and your Chinese producer should be thoroughly aware of what's o.k.; otherwise, you're apt to find your camera confiscated and yourself on a plane back to the States.


      Shooting with a small "tourist-type" camera is one thing; shooting with a camera like an X70 or an NX5U is quite another. Set up lights and a tripod and you're raising the stakes even higher.


      Get the way paved by your Chinese producer, have all the paperwork ready and cleared before leaving the States and you should be o.k.


      Good luck.

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