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      We have clients who want to hire us but do not want to pay our travel expenses. We’ve had a number of clients walk away from hiring us.

      What would be the best solution so it is a win/win for both our company and our clients?


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      If your company will incur costs in order to travel to accommodate a client, then those costs should be added to the fees charged the client. As for a 'win/win', realistcally depending on how much you may make from the overall contract, you could consider a travel discount on mileage. Figure out what the actual cost of fuel to and from the job will be and you could make an adjustment on your rate per mile. If you are in the US use this link to make adjustments to your mileage rates. If the gig requires air travel, sorry the best you can do for the client is arrange the least expensive flight you can. But be advised, shipping your gear by air will be expensive.

      If it looks like it will cost you more to absorb travel costs then let clients unwilling to pay for your services to walk….

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