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      Hoping some of the experienced members on this forum might be able to assist me please.
      I have not been able to get transitions to work correctly using my Camtasia 3 software .
      Now as you can see v3 was a very early model,this being the model I used for editing when teaching some years ago.
      After retiring I recently had the opportunity to do some more editing and ran Camtasia 3 and all worked well excepting as I say the transitions. I can drag them onto the storyboard gap but when I play both the preview and after production all I get is a silence as it goes through each transition.
      I thought perhaps being an earlier model there might have been an issue with the latest windows versions so I downloaded a virtual computer and ran the program through Win XP which from memory is what I would have been running years ago.
      Still no transitions so that rules the op system out.
      I would really love to find out what is causing this issue so any advice would be appreciated thank you.

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