Transcribing pre-recorded audio to text…HELP!!!

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      Can someone point me in the direction of reliable, accurate software that transcribes per-recorded lecture audio to text? Or perhaps some software that will convert any human voice into a digital voice?

      The problem is that the language is highly technical, the quality often poor and often heavily accented.

      Manually transcribing will take many, many hours, and using an outside transcription service is not an option because of the confidential information in the lectures.

      I have already looked into various types of transcription software, and Nuance’s Dragon seems to lead the pack, but you can only register one voice per license, and I need to be able to transcribe different speakers, with audio that is sometimes not of the best quality.

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      You can try this video tutorial, it uses a Google Application that you can use online, and you can install it in your computer too:

      Good luck

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      The number if errors that software made with your clean recording suggest that a lecture in a noisier environment with increased ambience due to distance as the OP describes.

      Sadly, in cases like this, it really will be a typing job – sorry!

      However, I’m sure you could produce a confidentiality agreement and pay someone. Sounds like the only practical solution, I’m afraid. That Google link shows how important good audio and clear speech is.

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