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      After funny cat videos one of the most common types of videos on the web is videos made by visitors to trade shows and conferences highlighting new products or trends in that field.  In videography we see them all the time during and after CES and NAB.   But the same thing happens in every other field.  If there's a convention happening today for people involved with cars, boats, medicine, science, UFO's, magic tricks, fireplace supplies, cat furniture, steelmaking or anything else, I guarantee that tomorrow there will be a video posted to a blog or youtube, talking about it.  Some of these are commercial but most are made by enthusiasts and bloggers.


      1.  What are the release rules on these?   I used to do newspaper photography and if I was shooting a riot or demonstration or strike I never got releases because it was news.   Now I do studio photography for models and dancers for promotion or sale, so I always get releases.   What rules apply to reporting noncommercialy on a convention for a blog?   Do most bloggers follow the rules?   (I see them shooting at conventions and I've even been shot and interviewed at two different conventions and I've never been asked to sign a release)


      What's the best rig for doing this kind of shooting?   I assume for a crowded trade show you want something small and light with good built-in image stabilization to avoid having to push through  crowd with some big rig or steadicam


      Lots of these videos look like 1-man operations but that means they can't get on-camera in an interview.   Would I be correct in assuming that to get reasonably professional results would need at least two people, if not 3?    


      What's the best way to approach interview subjects?  I assume business cards with links to your blog or website would help.


      Please:  only respond if you have some experience or knowledge on this topic, or if you have some suggestions about the best place to post a quetion like this.


      Thanks in advance!






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