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      I has narrowed it down to the Olympus T-G1/G2. But then I heard about (and heard in posted videos) the nasty clicking of the AF in videos. That put me right off. They seem not to have fixed it in the G2 either.
      It has good IQ compared to most at this range. It has f2 (although I believe you can't select this: it's up to the camera). It is tough and the G2 even tougher IIRC.
      Given that this is a PnS camera/video,  and I want it to allow wet shooting rather than masterpieces, is there anything else I should consider, given that the clicking was pretty much what put me off?
      Thanks for any help
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      Hi nick – your next best bet is the Panasonic TS5 ($349.99 at Amazon, $348 at Adorama).  Here is the video quality you can expect from this camera:



      Here is a demonstration of its wi-fi and underwater capabilities:



      I use the same Panasonic Lumix Link wi-fi app with my GH3, and the remote control and web upload features are really useful.


      Hope this is helpful,



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