To Restore some Faith and Hope

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      I need a filmmaker to help me tell an important story, without delay.

      There is a lot of soul-searching going on right now about how unstable the world has just become.

      That story needs to make known that there is actually a way to begin to bind the nation together again, to restore truth to its natural cycle of enabling people to respond to reality, and to share positive, fact-based information with every American, free.

      The film should reveal that what we are proposing can and will be a counter-weight to how social media is, in the words of Barak Obama, “amplifying our divisions and muddying up facts”

      Yesterday’s New York Times reported on the continuing slide of U.S. print journalism, the likely layoffs of whole sections of newsrooms in many major newspapers and layoffs of individual reporters at a time when America’s democracy and world stability needs serious journalists and journalism.

      In truth, there IS a way to restore the journalism model in the U.S through recalibrating it, something our B-Certified company has done which has largely been ignored because of our own failure to tell our story well, a story of real hope that our model can give people, hope which is based on sixteen years of our proven operation in Southern California.

      Another important point about this job post is that this film we want to create has an unusual potential opportunity to create real, positive change because of the nature of the local advertising market in the U.S. today, which is in dire need, in the great majority of communities, for alternative media which can guarantee advertisers’ influence of most members of the community, which are model can do.

      Our company recently completed the creation of a 152-page private placement memorandum, which outlines in precise, sober detail how the nationwide creation of the first, free, printed news magazine, full of fact-based information on the most important social and political issues, can come about, distributed through the U.S. mail, and providing a local advertising solution for millions of America’s smallest businesses.

      We have no doubt— particularly because of the shock to the system from the election of Donald Trump— that liberal and progressive people involved in the investment community, and well-heeled entrepreneurs are probably more receptive to our proposal than ever before, and we want a film that makes the reality of what we are doing known to them.

      I think the way in which to tell the story may be something along the lines of this 4 minute film “The Future of Food” by The Source Project, ( that introduces a farmer to the audience. He talks about why his work matters to him, and the audience gets to viscerally experience his work, the land and who he is. I think this approach, in which viewers see the small, Southern Californian town in which The Reader operates, from the air and on street-level, meet the PEOPLE working at The Reader, see the faces of the people who receive our magazine and those who advertise in it, and the power of words, great editing and music to show what we are doing, what we want to do in every U.S. community and why is the story to tell.

      As a result of the election of Donald Trump, there is a new understanding— within the highest circles– of why journalism matters, why the truth matters, and the newly apparent downside of its failure.

      I need a film to communicate who we are and what we do, period.

      The target audience of the film are people who signed “The Giving Pledge” and others who do social impact investing as well as others who simply want to make sure that the investments they make are doing good, not harm. These people are extremely well-educated, powerful, and for the moment– worried.

      This is not a film to overtly sell or push our investment. This is a “this is who we are, what we care about, why we do what we are doing”, film, that makes the viewer say, “these people deserve my support, they are earthy, real and could quite possibly change America for the better”.

      We have a budget for the creation of this film.

      Candidates will have a deep understanding of our collective hunger for authenticity, hope, a demonstrated personal investment in the need for progressive change and most importantly great technical skill in storytelling and film.

      To apply, please send link to your demo real and/or link to a single video (about 3-5 minutes) that most closely demonstrates your capacity to tell a story in a way similar to the example provided above.

      Thank you!

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