To buy or not: Panasonic HPX 250

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      Hi everyone

      The usual dimema of buying a camera!

      I've found a 2nd hand Panasonic 250- which has been recommended by a cameraman friend of mine.


      BUT I'm over in Italy and not able to view it. So I was looking for comments please. 

      I LOVE the 100 bps, but another cameraman friend said the viewfinder is poor. Plus the cost of the P2 cards is an extra consideration. 

      What other cameras would you recommend at the same budget and quality?

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      AvatarLaguna Hiker

      HPX250 is a great camera, and I've never had any problems with the EVF. P2 cards are expensive, but you can now get SD > P2 adapters. You still need very high end SD cards, since the camera has a high data rate. You might want to look at Panasonic's professional line of AVCHD cameras. They write natevely to SD cards (you still need 95 MB/S cards), but the footage is of comparable quality to the HPX250, and stores in about a third the space of the DVCPRO HD footage generated by the HPX 250.

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