Timecodes with Canon C300 and 5D

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      I've just started as a edit apprentice at Halo Films and I've been asked to find out how to use a clockit timecode generator/sync box (the original black box not the recent one) and the lockit buddy for the 5D. I don't how to use either.


      Can you please help with a step by step how to use the clockit timecode generator/sync box and the lockit buddy with the Canon C300 and the Canon 5D so they can both share the same time code?



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      You really need to talk to a high end pro audio person or shop that deals with this gear on a daily basis as this can get somewhat complicated.

      If you live in or near a major city, check out reputable places such as Trew Audio, Gotham Sound, Location Sound Corp or Professional Sound Services.

      I didn't list places like B&H or music stores as their reps don't deal with this gear exclusively and may not be able to answer all your questions.



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