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      Hey folks. I am learning my Premiere 11 package. I am setting clips to music in my first project. 
      I have a sequence of 56 frames which constitute 8 beats (and 8 different clips). In order for these clips to sync with the music they would need to end on the 56th frame. I played with time stretch and changed each of the 8 clips to 55/56ths of their original value. On play back, I do get the sync right as far as coming out of the sequence on the right frame, but the 8 within the sequence do not perfectly sync. I do 7 at 98.2% of original value and one at 98.3%. These are the most fine tuned increments I have with time stretch. Is this just a limitation I have to live with or am I not missing a clever trick that could make this work?
      The other thing is, I didn't notice the frame increments change after I did the time stretch. I'm not 100% sure it even altered the clips. Can anybody shed some light in general?
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      Not exactly sure why you are using time remaping to adjust clip length for matching video to music. Trimming is what I usually do. I don't think you would see much adjustment visually with a less than 2% change in time.


      For such a small adjust ment you might try expanding your timeline length and trimming, here is a link to a video on trimming in PE 11. http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-premiere-elements-11/trimming-clips-with-adobe-premeire-elements-11-/

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      Hey Woody. That is over my head for the moment. The "micro issues" are something I'm skipping right now. I will show you the clip in question at some point when I go back to it.


      I sent you an email to the form on your website. Not sure if you got it. It would be great to have direct access to your expertise. My email is kelvinsmythe@hotmail.com..!



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