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      Hi Guys


      First let me start by saying that I'm very new to the world of video editing, although I am a computer technician by trade and have experience with other creative software (photoshop, multitrack audio programs like Cakewalk Sonar).


      I've done some minor video editing in the past using Adobe Premiere CS6 (mostly for family videos) but now I have a slightly bigger project that I want to try to tackle myself. The last show of my band that recently broke up was filmed by multiple cameras, more specifically: 2 DSLR's, 1 RED EPIC, and a few lower quality ceiling mounted cameras.


      I have all the files on my hard drive and I can read and convert them, I've started to put them into the time line in my sequence but in terms of timing the clips are all over the place. I need to find a way to automatically set the clips to their location in the sequence based on the time they were taken, otherwise this project will take an eternity. 


      Is there a way to do this?


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