Time lapse video editing PROBLEMS…

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      Morning everyone.


      i recently finished this video below….

      the time lapse video was captured as standard 1080HD on my 7D.

      the video was sped up using pinnacle studio HD.


      every time I speed up video using this software, it cuts the IQ significantly.

      is their better software I should invest in for this purpose? Or a better way to capture the footage?

      like maybe still photos?


      When slowing down video… The problems are ever worse…


      thanks in advance for you insight.


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      Try capturing as a sequence of jpeg's. FPS and exposure duration will depen on the subject and lighting but it usually results in a higher quality product. For things about the speed of clouds moving, 1 frame per second works out pretty smooth. For something like nighttime sky's you'd go to like one frame every 5 seconds with like a 1sec exposure. So you'll have to juggle those depending on what your doing a time lapse of.


      I'm not sure about pinnacle but in Premiere Pro I just import the pic's as footage and for slower interval setting I'll turn on frame blending to smoooth it out. Then just export as footage. I'm sure if you search "Time lapse in pinnacle" you'll find a tutorial or two on using jpeg's in pinnacle.

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      Like Woody Sanford  said above "Try capturing as a sequence of JPEG's"   In Pinnacle you can adjust how long each JPEG will be.  The default is 5 seconds.  Go into the capture settings and adjust this to one or two frames, instead of 5 seconds.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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