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      Hi, first post here.

      I was curious if any one has a good solution to run at least 3 channels of audio into a camcorder that only has 2 XLR inputs?

      I want to be able to attach the system to the camera as it will be operated by only one person.

      Ideally, I’m looking for a small mixer that could be attached to the camera and output from the mixer to one of the XLR jacks on the camera. (so everything ends up in a single file on camera)

      The closest thing I’ve come up with is using one of these and outputting from the 1/8″ jack to the XLR input on the camera… Would that work? These things are marketed to DSLR users, so wasn’t sure if this would be applicable to my situation…

      Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

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      What You link to is not what you need. It will not work and if used would probably blow the Audio system in your Camera Something like this – would be what your looking for. With this it makes your mic system expandable, but the one thing this does not give you is, say if one person has a loud voice and another a soft voice, mixing abilities. If Mixing Audio is needed, one of these – would be what you need. And you also do not say if XLR is the only way to input Audio on your camera. is there no MIC Jack on it?

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      Thanks! Unfortunately there is no mic jack on the camera, only XLR inputs. On the XLR-Mix Pro you linked to, it appears that the audio levels knobs adjust each input independently? If so, I think it would fit my needs. I see how it could be difficult to monitor in camera, as you would only see the levels of the mixed output, but as long as I can listen with headphones (via the camera) and adjust the gain on each channel on the XLR-Mix Pro, it should work fine.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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