Thoughts on Editing Laptop? Mac Vs. PC…not a bash of Mac but thoughts on best hardware

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      Currently working on Final Cut Pro X on a 2009 Mac….time for an upgrade. Can’t stand the slow speeds…cannot increase RAM as one of my slots on my motherboard is not operational.

      Open to getting another Mac but definitely not the latest version as it would be a pain in the ass without ethernet and getting stuck with a USB C

      I’m interested in making an investment around 1,500 – 2000 on a new laptop, leaning towards PC and switching to Premiere.

      Was just opening thoughts for what other editors use in terms of a laptop.

      For Windows, what specs should I look out for when thinking about purchasing?

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      Space Racer

      If you don’t want the latest Mac, consider an Apple refurb; they sell one- and two-year-old models at pretty good prices…. I got a 2014 quad-core Retina iMac with a fairly fast graphics card for around $1500.
      From what I’ve been able to ascertain the only thing that matters anymore is the speed of the graphics card and the amount of memory you can stuff in. Just make sure that your software and the graphics card play together.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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