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      You send me emails, as well as to other folks. That is alright, but today you sent me to a page selling all your video series, and I thought great, but one thing is missing here, You do a lot for the guys who want to shoot and edit a fully scripted, Hollywood or TV style show.
      But not all folks who visit this site shoot scripted scenes or have huge light kits. I have been visiting Videomaker and buying the magazine for about two or three years before you went to paid levels.

      What about some tutorial videos about the home shooter, like me who points the camera at himself and makes a blog, or captures something outside, like when I smoke some food or such. Or the folks who got a Video Camera for Christmas and have no plans on what they can shoot, or how to shoot it

      I use Canon MiniDV tape cameras, 3 of them. I have heavy duty computer running Windows 7 Pro and Linux Mint, It has an I7 Intel Processor, 32 GB RAM and a 2 GB Graphics Card and Surround Sound Audio Card. I use Sony Vegas Pro10 and KDenlive for Video Editing Platforms

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