thinking to replace Sony HDR SR12 camcorder – any suggestions welcome

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      I need to do some things now that my current camera doesn't do very well.
      Don't get me wrong.. I have never been disappointed with the quality of the camcorder.

      I have been recording some speakers at various events.(friends)  The speakers are across the room in most cases 30-50 feet. So I have to zoom quite a bit.  I am usually clipping the bottom about where their crotch ends.   Also, I have to include some background items…like blackboards and powerpoint presentations on monitors.

      My problem is: The speakers walk and move around naturally.  They walk to the sides as well.  Since I am viewing in Zoom and the field of vision is not large the zoom switch on the camera doesn't move slowly or in small enough increments for me to keep quality capture.  In fact, when the speakers move too fast into the audience the zoom has to be adjusted and it is not smooth.

      Yes, the face tracking works pretty good as long as the actor is in the scope of the camera viewing area.  The camera has been very good up to now for just about everything I've done, but taking video of live events with non-professionals it is very difficult producing best quality videos.

      So, I thought maybe I would replace my great little camera with something that would work better for this type of work.  

      I don't know as much as I would like to know about camcorders than what I am currently using, which I guess you would call a high quality consumer camera.

      I'm not sure what I need, but I am thinking it would be nice to have the camera focus on the actor and the zoom move in or out to maintain the face track.  Maybe this isn't possible, so then maybe there is a better quality camera that isn't too expensive that will work better for what I am doing.  This may sound elementary, but the ability to move the zoom with alot more control and increments of movement would be a real help.   

      I am doing freebie work for friends so a big dollar camera is not in the budget.  I paid a little over a thousand for the SR12.  Naturally I expect to pay more for a better camera.   

      I would appreciate links or suggestions.  I acquired the camcorder I now have based on suggestions from these forums and it was excellent advice.  The advice from friends and what I found on the internet would have led to a bad choice… I'm convinced.


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