The Videos I upload stutter on Youtube, can anybody plz help me ?

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      Im trying to help a friend who´s a Video-Editor (unfortunately hes not so good in solvin problems bye searching for help in forums)

      He rendered a video with vegas in 1080p with 25 frames. Then he uploads the video on youtube and watches it in Firefox-Browser it stutters. He sees this for example in scenes there he has a tracking shot from side to side.

      If we now download this video from youtube again and watch it on computer it looks normal, without stuttering!!! (So it maybe is some kind of konflikt with the file & the player)

      I dont know if this is perhaps an flashplayer issue, but if he uploads the same video on it has no stuttering at all !! (vimeo dont uses flashplayer)

      Is there a chance we can find this problem together or get closer to it? Im can give you further informations (like all exact rendering settings etc) if I get an advice here. Im not so fit in video-editing/codec-settings, im only a tech-nerd when it comes to computers/elektronics in general.

      I tryed to analyze what exactly youtube does then converting the video, so we tryed a workaround, bye rendering the video that way youtube uses in his outputformat…..with no success.

      Some people on the internet told some things about stuttering-problems in combination with 60hz monitors and 25frames videomaterial, but that seems not to be the problem here, as I have the same issue on my 120hz screen. The stuttering is like the video hangs some times (audio is ok) and jumps few ms so you have no smooth side2side swing. Also it has no periodic pattern.

      THX 4 any help

      sry if my english is not on point 😛

      greetings from germany


      EDIT: Forgot to say: It’s not a performanceproblem. We both have good workstations

      EDIT2: the original footage was taken with 50 frames, but he rendered it in 25 frames, as youtube dont likes 50 and converts it to 25

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      Give us a link to the YouTube video so that we can see the problems for ourself and be beter able to offer suggestions.


      edit: tell him to download Video4YouTube (it's free and a great tool) from

      Use it to render and upload the video and see if that helps.



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      If you haven’t already, you might check the recent blog post on YouTube render settings.

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      Drop your res back to 720 and try making sure you are using the right frame rate ? 

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