The right Mixer to purchase

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Hi Folks,

Would anyone be able to point me the right direction please?

I’ve been tasked with finding a Vision Mixer for my School.

Ideally, we need the following:

4 x HDMI inputs
1 HDMI Out
XLR Mic inputs
We need to Key out a green screen and also add lower third titles.

I was recommended the Roland VR4-HD
which looks a good piece of kit. However, Roland confirmed that the equipment can only do one or the other (key out a green screen, or do the lower thirds…not both at the same time).

Does anyone have any suggestions? This is basically for the Media students to use. So we would like to emulate a sports news show. Similar to this how sky sports news looks

Would really appreciate some help.

Thank you.

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Newtek - Tricasters have zillions of features, as do the black magics. If you consider that even a basic news simulation in college MUST have green screen and the facility to do supers of any kind, not being able to do this is a serious drawback.

This one has loads of stuff colleges and universities find useful - including the talkback!