The End of the Direct to Video market

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      a new podcast on the end of the "Direct to Video" market for feature films.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      This video is awesome! On another similar topic I also believe cable network television will suffer the same fate. Is way easier and with less ads to watch specifically what I want online.

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      That is too true. TV is losing to Netflix and Hulu

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      Very nice. Excellent clarity of issue. Right now a theatrical release generates a huge amount of marketing. This is the ony reason direct videos fails in theatrcial.

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      What we're witnessing is evolution. The speed of technological change has upset the status quo, but has created a potential new market for the indie films. Development and launching an indie file website similar to Netflix will require a bundle of money but surely some savvy investor will step forward.


      This situation is not that different from the publishing business. If you're an unknown author, getting a book published by a major publishing house is next to impossible, but now there's publishing on demand. Anyone can publish their book, but the problem is getting it out there in front of the public. Sure, you can place it Amazon, but your book will be one of several million titles on there. Authors now have to handle their own marketing and so will indie film makers. 

Viewing 4 reply threads
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