The Business of Video Production

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I can across this seminar on getting paid for creative services and thought it would be a good refresher on how to handle running your business, particularly, getting paid for the services you provide. Because If you don't get paid, you ain't got a business. The seminar deals with design services, but you can certainly substitute video production or any other creative service.


Lot's of good tips to start thing off on the irght track with clients.


Any feedback or stories out there? Sadly, I have been victimized by clients and in retrospect, I was not doing the right things to protect myself and overlooking clear signs of trouble like providing additional creidt for a client that had a history of slow pay to begin with.


Anyway check it out


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That was actually really good, thanks for posting it. It also brings up a problem. IMO its been getting harder and harder to get a contract signed for smaller jobs and just in general, so not only has what people are willing to pay become victom of predator pricing but our protection as well.


Good points on walking away, Good points on things just not working out but number one...Cover your butt and don't back away from that.

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Wow! This is great! I learned a lot from this video... Keep it up! Thanks.

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John, thanks for posting. I am trying to get my company off the ground now, FirstMark Productions. Any help is great help. I have a meeting with my first paying customer this Monday so let's see if I close the deal.

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Greg, I took a look at your website & you have done some good, quaility work. If you present that type of quality and creativity, you should book the job. Keep us posted.