The best rendering settings for YouTube with Legria HF 200 (Sony Vegas)

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      I have a Canon Legria HF 200 camera and I do Youtube videos. However, I'm not a guru in editing so I want to ask some tips.


      With the camera I can shoot 1080 quality video. However the output component is in 1080i format instead p. Additionally, I can switch the framerate from 50i to 25p (I've been using the 25p).


      Which render settings & project settings should I use for 1080 YouTube? If I use "match project settings" function, it sets HD 1080i 50i (1920×1080; 25fps) template, with field order Upper Field First.

      How should I set the project & render settings optimal for YouTube? As far as I have learned, I should prefer progressive over interlaced.

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      Transcode to 720p MP4 (or similar H.264). That's what YouTube is going to convert to, so you'll get a better result if you control the transcode on your end.

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