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      Hey Everyone,
      I’m new here, but this already looks like a great community of film makers. I actually come from outside of film (other than a degree in Computer Animation). I started a company that focuses on problems around audio/visual synchronization. We have a technology we are providing to game developers, but are looking at NLEs as a potential application.

      I would love to talk to film makers/editors about post production and challenges they face in getting audio, licensing audio, and lining up audio and visuals.

      I’m intentionally leaving it vague as not to lead the conversation. I really like to hear what problems exist in post, and hope to provide some good solutions that a lot of editors face.

      I’ll leave a Google Survey, that will allow me to get an idea for uses/issues and (optionally) provide a way to talk/skype/hangouts for further follow-up. I swear none of the information here will be distributed. It’s entirely personal research for the NLE market.

      I hope some of you will be so kind to help out.

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