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      First, is the video you linked above an example of what you are trying to accomplish or did you do that?  I would assume that is just an example since the whole question would be moot considering this video achieves the very question you asked.


      The way I would shoot it, would be to script out exactly what you want each 'character' to say and do in the skit.  If you need to, you could even have someone else sit and read the lines for the first person and then edit them out later.  When you're done, go back and record all the time code and  see when the first guy said his lines and interacted with guy #2.  Take notes.


      Then start filming guy #2 and set a stop watch.  When he gets to the points in time where he needs to say his lines and interact with guy #1, give him a cue off camera. 


      Another way to do it, which would be less percise, but probably work just as well (and would be easier) would be to have someone sit and read lines with him all the way through, and then switch characters and read the lines over again.  Then you edit the two together taking the guitar teacher footage and making him both characters.  Your actors would just have to practice a few times and make sure they are consistant with their pacing for it to work.


      If I were doing it, I would probably do it the second way first, and if that just doesn't work, try timing it all out.



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      Jon has some good ideas. His second idea is more practical and will probably yield good results. Instead of having someone read the lines for guy#2, you could play back the track for guy#1 and get perfect timing. Of course it will take a little time to prepare it (editing out the standin's lines and burning a CD). You might end up shooting for the better part of the day rather than an afternoon. Another trick you could try is if you do run into some timing problems, cut away to a shot of one of the "individuals." This would be a good idea anyway since a single shot of the two of them for the entire length of the video would be visually boring. You may have noticed that there was a brief fade to black before they both started playing together in the video. This was probably necessary because they could not get the timing right. The CD trick could have eliminated this, even having someone off camera count to four for the beat (edited out later of course). You will have to have the camera record from the amp so you won't pick up the CD playing. Good luck.

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      Makes since now that I hear it explained. This is a professional video done to demo this guys new pedal. Just using it as the idea. I appreciate the help and info. I am sure it will take a few practice rounds though.

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      What if you don't have them in the same shot, just film one angle and then the other. Completely separate shots. Timing can be fixed in editing.

      Here's an example:


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