Teaching a video production summer camp

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      Hi there, I'm new to the forum but have been following Videomaker articles and forums for the past few years. I work as Training Coordinator at a public access station and will be teaching several summer camps that teach video production concepts to kids. I'm looking for some new ideas for hands-on activities for beginners. Our station has always done things such as "video alphabet" or "video scavenger hunt" but I want to shake things up a little. Any other ideas out there? Thanks and I'm happy to be a part of the Videomaker community!

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      That is fantastic let me be the first to thank you for giving back in a meaningful way; inspiring anyone, but especially youth, is one of the greatest things we can do. That said there are tons of things to get the kids involved when I was actively doing drama; we had some warm up games we would play they have many names, and variations, but here are some: park bench "Link to rules"

      zip zap zoom "link to rules", and here are some others: http://dramaresource.com/games

      Drama games are a fun way to get a group of any age into on the fly storytelling it forces us to let out the creative side. I have played some of these with full grown adults, and it still amazes me what we can come up with when we aren't allow to over think or "chicken out".


      I don't know what all you will be covering in your sessions, but here are some videos about storytelling I just found these today https://vimeo.com/64207362

      it is a four part series, and I highly recommend it. Because at the end of the day if a video doesn't have story it is just a bunch of fancy lights, and sound.


      Best if luck, and if you need any more ideas or something more specific let me know.



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      Thanks Justin, very helpful! There's definitely that creative side that people tend to forget about.

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      Nice ,Thanks for great information.

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      thread necromancy to push a non-video course – wow!

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