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      This is my first ever thread please move if needed πŸ˜›

      So I have the T5i with the lens that it comes with ( 18-55 MM ) and for some reason, I get really bad video noise. I changed my settings and it came out a little bit better. Im wondering If im just doing something wrong, or if its the lens itself. My household doesnt have that very good of lighting either ( very dim and tan lighting if that makes sense ) but it also happens whenever I go fishing and bring it to the lake. All of the noise is everywhere. Wondering how I could fix this problem πŸ™‚ thanks

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      To put it mildly, the stock lens is not very good. Outdoors on a bright sunny day it’s ok but go into a dim lighting situation and you quickly see it’s drawbacks.It’s a 5.6 lens so not very much light is coming in πŸ™
      This is why I bought a Sigma 17-50 mm zoom. It’s a 2.8 lens which means an additional 2 stops of light over the stock lens and the difference is amazing!


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      Kevin Mc

      Mike is correct… To add to his comments, your camera is cranking up its ISO to compensate for the lack of light. High ISO = grainy images/video. Sigma lenses are great, and/or you could get away with a lens that has VR (vibration reduction). Different manufacturers call VR by different names. On most video cameras is OIS, optical image stabilization. Ultimately, in your case, it would allow for slower shutter speeds, and a lower ISO setting. Add that to a wider apperature, like 2.8 or lower, and you’ll get better results.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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