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      Hi there and greetings everyone,

      I'm new to this forum, but I'm quite familiar with premiere pro and generally with filming and editing.


      My question is simple, yet complicated:


      I have 2x 5D mark III synched via timecode to the second and I have an event of about 30 minutes, where each camera recorded individual clips in an alternating way (so there are gaps between clips from the same camera, but almost 100% coverage with the 2 cameras together – we used this method for a more creative / interesting end result)


      HOW DO I import the clips from the 2 cameras in such a way that there will be two different video tracks (so for exemple track 1 for cam 1 and track 2 for cam 2) yet I will be able to sync them via timecode in my timeline ? (talking about premire pro here)


      Aditional info:

      – the only thing I managed was to select all the clips, create a multi-camera sequence and open that in a timeline format (everything is synced up, but each individual clip is on a different track, so I have 61 video layers basically instead of 2)

      I've asked lots of people, red tens of topics, watched lots of tutorial videos, none seemed to answare my question

      – I know there is the Multi Camera Monitor, but that option is designe for editing and synching clips when there is 1 long clip / camera, and where you actually watch the entire recording and do the editing real time, which is not my case.

      – Some sugested me to use plural eyes, but I don't see any point in using audio based synchronization if I have excelent timecode.


      – I also need it done the way I described because for me it;s more manageble that way, I can edit it faster, and I already know what to look for, so it;s again nonesence to use the multicam feature.


      The bottom line is that I am looking for something similar to pluraleyes (when you import everything in one timeline) and use the audio info to sync it, but in this case I would use the embeded timecode.


      I've red a post where sugesting that what I am for cannot be done in Premiere Pro CS6.

      Is there any other well known editing software that does this apparently simple tanks in the way I described it ?

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