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      Hello all,

      I just bought a RX100 V and am really loving it. I like to record my audio external for higher quality, but I seem to be having a little bit of an issue syncing the audio. My audio goes slightly out of sync the longer the video goes on, so I am sure there is something wrong with my settings in that the video and audio are being recorded somehow different. I just don’t know enough about video / audio to nail it down.

      Here’s my question.

      – What considerations do I need to have when setting my camera (frame rate as an example), and what considerations do I need to have when setting my external audio to record? (48 khz vs 44.1khz, or other settings?).

      – I currently use the MP4 setting on the Sony RX100 V set at 30p (although I can change this if needed)

      – I currently record audio in a few different ways. Out in the field, I use a Rode lav mic plugged into my phone (recorded using the Rode Rec app), and at my house, I plug a boom mic into a Shure X2u XLR to USB adaptor and record the audio via Quicktime). I can use a different software if needed / suggested.

      Thanks for any help from any A/V experts out there. I know enough to be dangerous (to myself), but I definitely don’t know enough to figure this out.



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