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      If anyone can take this survey please help me. I need this done for my class and I do ask that only  videographers take the survey. 



      Thank you thank you really appreciate it. 



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      Great idea. Will take a look.

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      AvatarJackson Wong

      Slick survey! A few questions left me with no fully accurate answer. It may have helped to describe what you meant by “video streams” and “hd production systems”. Either way, I hope you get some great data.

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      AvatarStanDan Pro

      I took the survey … yeah, the losing shots due to video streams was a bit confusing.  I think I know what you meant.




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      Just wanted to say thank you so much for taking it. Sorry it was confusing but thanks for filling it out. 

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      Hi, the provided URL is not working and it is diaplaying as survey is currently not active. Check the url once.


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      It's been a few months, and he's already used the results?


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