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      This is a message to the staff at VideoMaker please please please add support for spell check.

      It wouldn't matter to me if it was in the client or not, but at least allow us to use our own. I have a spell check addon for chrome; it underlines words for me that are misspelled, and I can right click to see a list of corrections, but on the forums all it shows is paste. Is this a terribly complex thing to do? I would think this is a basic function for web forums.


      This is also a place for other forum members to support this motion if you find it annoying that this feature is not a part of VideoMaker please add your support and suggestions to the post.


      Thanks for reading



      P.S. everyone is entitled to their opinions if you disagree, and think this a non issue you are welcome to say so, but please do so in a respectful manner.

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      I support it too! I just re-read one of my own posts and was horrified!

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm


      It seems like this should be possible. I'll see if our tech team can look into it.

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      Spell check? Hell yes! Is there an app for grammar too? . . . . and while we're at it, how come I no longer have the ability to begin a new paragraph by hitting " enter "??      Rick Crampton

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      I support this too if you have to correct your spelling as much as i do, you will support this too.

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      +1  Yes please


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      Just wanted to say I noticed today my google chrome grammarly lite app is finally working! Thank's video maker tech people.

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      at "gldnears"



      at "Mike Wilhelm"

      Thank you so much it has been bothering me =)

Viewing 6 reply threads
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