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      hello you ..

      i have some lecture recordings on video and i cut them down to highlight the best points from each speaker.  I cut 6 hours down to a little over 40 minutes ..

      i then arranged each speaker according to what their information was about.  So, now – it's a collage of short video clips with a black screen inbetween each speaker. 

      how can i edit these videos together so they're not just clips together in a row .. Do I write a narrative – is this a documentary – are there such things as 40 minute long highlight videos –

      any ideas suggestions would be appreciated ..

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      There are a number of ways to handle your project. Having left black transitions between cuts you could add titles there. However the curious thing is how much you've edited; I get the feeling you have a point in mind regarding what you think are the most salient points made by each speaker.  If that is so, then give your viewers a little heads up about the direction of the content with some text or narrative. An excellent way to present your summary is by having a host, perhaps you, introduce the clip and perhaps say what you like about it…'here's a perfect example of…' or 'the findings presented here are remarkable,' or 'this opinion doesn't jive with the rest of the presenters.'


      And some precautions…hopefully you have permission from all the speakers, especially permission to use the section you have chosen. Some presenters use copright material that they can use but you cannot without permission, this is especially true if the speaker is a product representative.


      I can also imagine a worse case scenario of a summary video where the editor presents only worse case examples from each speaker leading the viewer to make totally wrong assumptions about the whole field of study. Make sure your summary doesn't downplay certain aspects and even trivialize them. Be fair in your representation of other peoples work.

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