Suggestions on gear to record a public speaker

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      I am not a videographer. I am a public speaker who is being asked to record his speeches. I am willing to buy a few pieces of gear but once it is set up it really has to be self sufficient. I would love to have possibly two angles but then I know I would have to edit.. which is OK for some presentations.. like a TEDx I did earlier.
      Anyways here is what I have already. Can you guys and gals help me to come up with whatever else I may need to put together a decent and portable system.
      I have:
      decent audio hand held mics from my band
      a USB mini mixer I use for podcasting
      iphone/ipad ( if this is of any use I have no idea)
      I don’t have a video camera but I do have a web cam that is 1080p

      Anything you can do to get me moving in the right direction would be great. M y biggest concern is not really the video but how to get quality audio into the video seems very hard.

      Rob Furman

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