Suggestions on a Good Video Camera

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Hello I am thinking of a camera like some of the Canon Camcorders

My needs are this. I am making a series of videos. to publish on youtube and other video services

basic videos of just myself doing on screen commentary.

inside most of the time, camera will have no intention to move in filming, all stationery

I am doing this all on my own

my needs a camera with the screen that points outward so i can line up better when doing self videos

i have a separate audio source. so dont need to worry about that

i want to be able to have good quality video. that works well with less light or even using lights

have clear video

suggestions of good camera, best bang for buck willing to spend 300 to 400 tops 

without breaking the bank

dont need too many gadgets on the camera

as long i can record easily and get good picture quality

no need for slo mo at all

but want to shout in high quality, that make people want to watch and not turn my viewers away

all the help from the pros will be best

any suggestions of brands and camera types is so helpful


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A quick search of B&H indicates that only the Canon VIXIA HF R82 Camcorder falls within your budget range. It would appear to have all the features and quality your project requires. Perhaps others will have more suggestions.

Could you do this with your iPhone or iPad? Quality would be just as good although you wouldn't be able to see yourself while shooting.