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      Major newb here who just found this forum. I am looking for some opinions regarding my lighting (raw footage), color correction and grading. I have edited everything into a couple minute film.


      Tell me which color grade you like best, and whether the lighting on my raw footage is about right. Like I said, I am VERY new to this! The settings on my T3I are 200 ISO, 50, 24 p, 1.8 Aper. 1920×1080 (rendered down to 720), on the "Faithful" video mode, with -2's across the board… My lighting set up is a basic fluorescent 3 point lighting kit, with an additional 8 foot flouresecent lighting the Green screen. I was originally going to use my GH2 for filming, but it does NOT like my green screen. Something about it makes noise pop up like crazy (if anyone knows why, I would be appreciate of an answer!) Anyway, tell me what you think!


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      The actor has very deep eye and would benefit from some light tweaks.  Basically, it's WAY too flat and it's very unflattering.   


      The backlight is non-existant.  Stronger backlight will help your key and make the guy stand out. 
      Light on right.  Go up about 1 foot.  Warm it up with some CTO 1/4.
      Light on left.  Move it much closer to the lens and lower the output by 1 to 2 stops.  This will help his deep set eyes and sculpt it a bit.

      As to your color grading, I like my own mix 1, but that's totally subjective. 

      As to the background, all thos converging lines into the actors head make his head look crazy big. Something with less perspective would be less horrifying to small furry animals. πŸ˜‰



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      A big moment for me was when I learned to forget all that silly 3-point, 45 degree whopidee I was taught in college, cause it’s a recipe for boring lighting.  TV stations use rigid three-point lighting.  Get higher up the food chain and you’ll be hard pressed to find somebody doing it.  I’ve been really, really blessed to have worked with some great gaffers on film and video sets.  Want to learn to light better video?  Then study film lighting.  Subtly varying color temperature, light height and position is a big part of it.  Learn to paint with light and tweak until it’s perfect.  Oh, and have fun. πŸ˜‰



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      I just looked at my video, and WOW, your advice looks spot on! I wonder why I couldn't see that? Oh, yeah, I'm a newb. Thanks! Gonna try your suggestions.


      As for the background, the final shot will be zoomed out quite a bit more (a cowboy shot) and will have some additional graphics to break up the lines. I had it zoomed in to see details.

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