Suggestions for Pro Video Capture/Digital Transfer Setup?

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      I'm looking for soup-to-nuts suggestions for a pro-quality analog-to-digital video capture/conversion rig.  I have a PC, but everything else, we need: VCR, capture device, and any recommended extras such as TBC (if necessary).  Ideally total price would not exceed $500, and I am not averse to buying used.  Can go higher on price if it's going to be a night-and-day difference.  Tried a Canopus ADVC-110 with two different VCRs and kept getting a blurred section at the bottom of the screen — also video was a bit pixelated.

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      Just wanted to say I found this guide which was very helpful:

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      I realize that it has been a while since you posted this, but I would recommend not going by the guide at that site.  I have found what they recommend to usually turn out worst, especially when it comes to VHS, and they're reasons for not using DV to transfer don't hold up.  And the ATI All In Wonder card they continue to hype, from my own tests, I've found the quality to be very poor, especially when you are trying to watch DVD's of the VHS over any connection but composite (anything higher and I find the Colors bleed and are over saturated and create a mess on your TV screen).


      As for the blurred part at the bottom of the image, that is normal for analog video.  Digital video, especially on computers, displays more than what was originally intended, that blurred video was originally intended to be on the part of your TV screen that was covered by the cabinet..  I use the Canopus ADVC-300 quite a bit for converting VHS or S-VHS to Digital.  But I do find that tapes recorded in the SLP/EP mode do pixelate quite a bit, especially when there is a lot of movement—but the SLP/EP offers VHS's most compression and lowest picture quality.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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