Suggestions for Finding and cataloguing B-roll

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      I'm thowing out the question to see what tools or techniques people are using for finding the correct take/section/B-roll video amongst terabytes of material shot.  What software or techniques are you using?  I tried Adobe Bridge and didn't feel that it really was that intuitive is there anything relatively cost-effective or possibly even open source
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      each project in my computer gas its own B roll file. keeps the B roll with the project, rhen organize each job by catagory in a master folder.

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      No I'm thinking more of a metadata cataloguing soloution, I seem to get many similar types of industrial videos and now that think back If I could find all the "Forklift, Workshop, Crane, hard-hat" or whatever, then that it would save me a lot of money not only buying stock footage but searching for it and because I shot it no copy write issues.



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