Suggestion for a video recorder with XLR input for conferance recording

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      Hello everyone,
      I have been asked to record my works conference. It would be around 180 people in a small room, there will be a stage with panels held all day and interactive discussions with the audience. The image quality is not very important, they just want to take a good audio recording and send it to transcription.
      There is a XLR output in the conferance room to pull the inhouse audio, and I was recommended to bring a recording device that has an XLR input.
      The conference will go for a whole day (8 hours) with breaks in between. All needs to be recorded.

      Please could someone help me and advise a device that is not too expensive & memory device (SD card?)? I’ll admit to being clueless. I apologize for being such a novice with this issue but this isn’t something I’ve ever had to do and isn’t something I am familiar with. I really appreciate any advice and guides so I can clue myself up.

      p.s. They don’t want to rent a device nor hire a professional recorder unfortunately:(

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      They are going to send you a mix of the mics on an XLR connector? Probably the simplest solution is a Zoom recorder – records to SD cards, which are quick to change, and they’re pretty foolproof.

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      Whatever you do, find the person at the venue who knows how to work the audio system because there are a lot of ways that the jack can be wired. I’ve tried to pull audio off of random XLR plugs in hotel conference rooms and it was a horrible failure. So go early and test, test, test. I second the use of a small digital audio recorder. If you can’t tap into the audio system, you can always just put the recorder up on the podium and let it run while speakers are speaking.

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