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      I am returning to videography after many years away. I had a succesful  weding video business years ago, using HD prosumer HDV cams, but was self-taught.

      Now I'd like to learn the "basics" of the camera and camera techniques: aperture, focusing, gain.


      My budget is under about $1500. I am fine with used.

      I would liek to make this more than just a leanring cam and woul dliek to be able to use it to create videos of local events and such. 


      What would you recomend. 


      Some cams I'm looking at (a full gamut, i know)


      from the GL1 and XL2 (seems a pretty manual cam with lots to learn and try)

      to the DX100

      to the HD cams: Canon GH1 or Panasonic TM700


      I have no "need" for HD – all I'l be producing will be SD, although HD output as SD is ok.

       And I have experience editting with FCP/x.


      Low light is a requirement as well as manual controls.


      Any help is appreciated! 



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      joe – welcome back! If you want a camera that can grow with you, I suggest a modern interchangeable lens camera.  At your price point, I would get a $1288 Sony NEX-VG20 body and a used Sony 18-55mm lens for around $200.


      The interchangeable lens will allow you to experiment with different looks. You can shoot SD if you want to, and step up to HD later.  The camera is also a pretty decent still camera.


      Hope this is helpful,



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Viewing 1 reply thread
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